Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Long Time Gone

And a lot of change!

We are now married!  We had a lovely wedding:

 and a great honeymoon down in London! lots of getting lost, sight seeing etc...

Leo is now coming up to 11 months old, trying to walk, opening all the cupboards and generally being an unruly monkey-child!
Yes, that says "hyperactive" on his top ... most fitting!

I passed my driving test, working at a hotel, studying for a Business Studies degree ...

Lots and lots of things have been going on!

Oh, yes, we are also still crazy happy together!

Enough for now.  
You never know, I might write some more before next year!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

The past week

Well, on Thursday we went for our first scan. I had been getting worried leading upto it thinking all sorts of crazy things that could be wrong. For someone with a previously well controlled mind it is unreal what being pregnant has done! Hormones have a whole lot to answer for! Anyways, we arrived and she called us in early, she started having a look but I hadn't drank enough but she was able to see the heartbeat so sent us away for half hour to get some more fluids in me. When we went back in she could se everything clearly and in the last few minutes the baby had a big stretch and a kick so we got an extra pic! Seeing the baby move was amazing, truly!

The past week I have seemed to grow very quickly outwards, I love it though, I have a proper bump!

I didn't mention last time we are moving back to where my mum is so we have lots of family round us, that's in 4 weeks. The idea of being at home with a baby with no family and friends doesn't really fill me with joy so we're both really excited!

I went to the drs today as my back problem has started to get worse, hips especially, and she signed me off for 4 weeks-my remaining notice period. At least I can chill now and stop stressing over work and feeling guilty about leaving early because of my back.
On my way back from the drs I went by myself and had a yummy bacon sandwich and a coffee and then popped to the library to get some books out. It felt good to not have the pressure of work on me whilst I'm pregnant.

Thanks Willow for the congrats!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And then there were three.....

There has been a long absence between the last blog post but we have a good excuse. We're having a baby! We have our 12 week scan on Thursday!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back from a break away

We came back Thursday late afternoon after a lovely break away at my mums. We went on Saturday, very early, after frantic packing in the morning and had a stop off in Birmingham for some shopping. Arrived at Lincoln late Saturday, it soon began to rain, which didnt stop till Wednesday.

Sunday we had a really chilled day...chatting, reading, watching DVDs, napping, cooking. Monday we went off to Lincoln despite the weather and had fun traipsing around the shops, and spending too much. We got an Ipod, well actually it was a extremely early Yule gift from my mum. We had lots of fun fiddling about with that and getting audio books to listen to (it is the nicest thing having a story read to you, makes you feel all cosy and childlike). Tuesday we went to meet my sister and nephew...I hadnt seen them for a year so it was great to catch up, they loved Mr Ibard :)

On Wednesday we finally got to go to the seaside as the weather cheered up. Here at home the seaside is quite far. Typically we went round the arcades, had a little look round the shops, played bingo (Ibard watched on at the craziness :) and bought doughnuts and rock. Thursday we travelled back and came home to our cats. Initially they were in a huff with me for leaving but an hour or so later order was restored and they wanted cuddles.

On other news, Big Brother has started and Ibard has bought me the live streaming season pass, he may live to regret this but I am very appreciative right now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


When you've had one of 'those' feels heavenly when your working week finishes and you're 'you' again, and you get a real chance to reflect....

Everything is exactly as it should be at any given moment.

Right now, in my life, I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes, it feels odd to feel this way when I spent such a long time wanting for something else. It feels odd to think about what I was doing one year ago, and how ultimately 9 months ago things 'came together', with some Divine intervention.

I feel lucky.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been thinking about mystical experiences and Grace recently...
Grace as in divine love and protection.
Mystical experiences as in feelings of connectedness with everything.
The thought comes to me that the two can be the same.
I am also wondering if this is comparable to communion with your Holy Guardian Angel...
It, certainly to me, sounds like Samadhi.
I suppose Sahaj samadhi is more like Grace; the effortless and continual state of perfection.
How to attain?
Now thats the rub.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A bit of a Rant

Strange things from today:

  • Setting up a wireless network for Adriana... Computers have to do things Their way...
  • A Programme on Scientology which shows just how creepy they really are.
  • The cats are hiding out in the flat instead of pestering us for fuss... I think something is going on there.
  • The fact that I was ill form work today due to a major cold and had the wierdest dream of me and Adriana inheriting a night club... and having 2 great big black dogs that roamed about town.

The computer incident should be no surprise to me. I already know that they are alkward, no offence compy, and like to do things in computereese. But, still, I think that they should make them a little more understanding... Or maybe I should be? interesting point..

The scientology thing.. I can understand the lure of their "religeon". Mystery, promises of a better life and a purpose... Somethings that Magick and Esoteric paths also aim to fulfill

But to personally attack peoples character, trawl through their past and mud-sling anyone who doesn't agree with them is worying behaviour and hypocritical of a group that purports to purifying their spirits and becoming perfect..

Also, the ammount of money they generate from their followers seems ... greedy. I know market forces say that you charge what people are willing to pay but to be seen as a religeon should they not be more "giving".

Ok, they do turn up at any disaster/emergency to help out ... but how much of that is for PR and how much to recruit new members when they are feeling vunerable and scared...

It all comes back to the fact that they are "selling" insights, purpose and hidden knowledge which are readily and freely available elsewhere. Then when you are in you are more likely to accept anything they say as true and are distanced from the outside world.... very much like brain-washing to me..

Ach, too much of a rant I know but... I know there is something intrinsically wrong about scientology.

I suppose the words "Caveat Emptor" sum up what I am trying to say ... but the seller should be open about what their product is aswell.